a. Library

The school subscribes leading mational and internationaljournals and magazines. The library possesses nearly 8000 latest volumes of boks in areas of education, language, literature, history, science, maths, etc. It is considered a basic source of information for all students as well as academicians.


b. Audio-Visual (AV) & Interactive Class (IC) Rooms

The audio-visual and Interactive class rooms helps the students to:

i. To cover difficult and hard to understand topics with the help of animation and video clippings.

ii. To improve general knowledge and enhance knowledge of the chapters with the help of relevant pictures, videos , powerpoint presentations, animation, etc

iii. To make study more interesting, more interactive and enjoyable by using the modern educational teaching aids.


c. Lab

Students avail the use of well equipped laboratories for conducting experiments in Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The laboratories are updated every year with required chemicals, glassware and other educational aids. In the Maths lab, students experiment and verify the basic geometrical concept, properties of triangle, theorems related to circles, etc by cutting and pasting different shapes.

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