Principal’s Message

princi-messIt is very heartening to know that we the “Holy Spirit” have occupied our own space in the world-wide web. This website will enhance our communication world and will be a platform to provide an excellent profile of our institution. The website will give information about the potential, promise and contributions of “Holy Spirit School” in the field of quality education. We look forward for your inputs and insights to……..

Holy Spirit School, Poonkulam, the temple of learning was started in the year2002 , with the lofty ideal of imparting quality education to the little ones of Poonkulam and its surroundings. Over the years it has been imparting quality education, creating ideal and responsible citizens aware about their duties to the society and the nation.

Learning in this school is a pleasant experience as there is a healthy relationship between the teachers and the students. Great interest is given to help the students to realize their potential. Various clubs and houses functioning in the school provide ample opportunities to help the students to find out and develop to innate talents.

I am happy to appreciate my colleagues, office staff and my dear students. They are always an inspiration and encouragement to move forward enthusiastically. I am also happy to welcome all of you to their temple of wisdom. Wish you all a good day.

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