Holy Spirit Sisters




The Society of Apostolic Life of the Holy Spirit Sisters in the Opus Spiritus Sancti,  was founded on 28th May, 1950 by Rev. Fr. Bernhard Bendel in Germany and erected a Society of Apostolic Life of diocesan right on 17th October, 1986, by Most Rev. Dr. Franz Kamphaus, Bishop of Limburg.



The Charism of the Society is to bring Christ, God’s incarnate love, to all spheres of life and so help the Church in her work of renewal for a Spirit filled world that God may be all in all.



The Sisters lead a life based on the Easter – Pentecost Spirituality. The Risen Lord and the His Spirit determine the life of the sisters and we seek His guidance and inspiration for the successful completion of our mission.



The Holy Spirit Sisters are involved in various apostolates such as education ,health care, social and pastoral work, women empowerment, caring for the poor and aged women,  HIV patients, and administration and formation within the community as well, with the goal to serve the Church in all spheres of human life, as a church in miniature, to continue and bring to perfection the mission of the Lord in the Holy Spirit so that God may be all in all (1Cor. 15:28).


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